I Came to Tulum and I Ate Pizza

Pizza saved my life again today.  For the thousanth time, my loyal, trusted supporter, pizza, made things better.  I’m in Tulum, Mexico, staying in a huge carpa with a very cool outdoor bathroom, but have hit a few roadblocks.

Tulum is billed as a welcoming, boho sanctuary.  Located two hours south of the Cancun Airport in Quintana Roo, the Yucatan of Mexico, Tulum is a stunningly beautiful beach escape.  Known for it’s bright aqua seas and ancient ruins, the town of Tulum is flanked by untamed jungle and white sand beaches, inviting well-heeled Americans to flock here in search of the eco-chic.  Yoga retreats.  Fresh juice stands.  Beach huts feet from the water’s edge.  And I have two weeks to experience it all.

Had, rather.  In the first three days, the tent broke and my bank card disappeared.  Complicating the latter, visitors soon discover that local electricity is powered by generators, and credit cards aren’t often accepted.  Cash is King in Tulum.

I’ll always have pizza.

Before my debit card took a vacation of its own, I had the pleasure of shopping with the great people at Josa & Wanderlust.  Ate a crazy meal at the locally renown, Hartwood. Found a loyal driver and took in the sites. Had too much fun with mezcal.  Improved my chaturanga, and made plenty of new friends.  These are just your average travel hiccups.  I’ll move rooms.  I’ll call my bank.  I’ll hit reset and everything will be fine.

This trip, I was really, really trying to be zen. I came here to re-center. I’ve been attending morning beach yoga.  I’ve been eating vegan meals and turning in at reasonable (-ish) hours.  I budgeted for spa treatments and even considered doing a juice fast with colonics.  I desperately plotted for this to be the “pray” part of my travel odyssey.

But sometimes on the road, your carpa breaks down and your ATM card goes missing.  So I hopped on a rusty bike and sought refuge in my old friend, pizza. With 1290 pesos to last the next 10 days, it was cheap, it was fast, it was piled high with prosciutto, and it was muy rico.

While, right now, I may not have cash or a roof over my toilet, I’ll always have #pizza.

Find the best pizza in Tulum at Manglar.  The staff are fun, the pies are delicious, run 100 pesos, and they open at 5pm.

Getting there: Fly from most U.S. cities to Cancun Int’l.  Arrange for car service with your hotel (+$100), hire a taxi ($100), or take a group shuttle the two hours south to Tulum.

Where to stay: Hotel Nômade. Boho luxe interiors, set on beautiful beachfront, the Nômade provides a killer breakfast, daily yoga, and rental bikes. 10.5km on the beach road.


(Photo – édgérie:  Along the beach road, Tulum, Mexico.)