We Heart Glossier

To say I suffer from sensitive skin would be an understatement – my dermatologist is on speed dial.  After more than a decade of careful treatment, my complexion has finally settled into a controlled calm. As a result, I am justly suspect of new products and cosmetics.

In comes Glossier, the uber-popular Internet brand created by beauty gurus at Into The Gloss.  You’ve probably seen the banner ads or read this complimentary Forbes piece on its founder, Emily Weiss.

The good press is deserved.  The products are easy-to-wear, great for sufferers of hyperactive skin, and the price point is reasonable.  Shipping is free for any purchase over $30 (~two items), and the packaging is smart & simple & pretty.

Here are my faves:

Milky Jelly Cleanser – Hands-down the winner. This cleanser is soft, gentle, and non-irritating. Apply to dry or wet skin, the jelly goes on and comes off like a dream, leaving the skin supple and squeaky clean.

Perfecting Skin Tint – This tint is so light, it applies like water and leaves a dewy glow. It’s all I wear now which is why, when the medium tone was out of stock, I bugged the staff impatiently, attempting to reorder. Please never stop making this!

Boy brow – This was a new one for us.  In over 35 years, I had never enhanced my eyebrows, but this product is a game changer. I use the blonde shade and it adds a hint of framing to the face. Application is a cinch and it doesn’t rub off throughout the day.

Could live without:

Generation G – As a devotee of Korean beauty products, I’m a fan of the stain aesthetic.  I own “Like,” “Crush,” and “Jam,” but none really compliment my coloring. This product is OK, but limited in tones. (Update: new colors added 10/10/16.)

The balm dotcom – Their first product, a lip salve, is hard to get out of the tube and has a quality similar to Vaseline. I like it enough to keep one in my makeup bag, it’s just not special. Interested shoppers may want to try one of their new scents or flavors.

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