Dear J.Crew: #returntherollneck

by: Kate Dean and Jennifer Kessler

The ‘90s are back, baby!

It was 1996.  We were in college and we were inseparable.  Two fashion-loving co-eds and our J. Crew Rollneck sweaters. 

Easily THE MOST iconic item from venerable brand J.Crew, the Rollneck sweater was beloved by literally everybody.  Before shrunken blazers and girlfriend jeans, it was the ultimate “borrowed from the boys” look.  Oversized and slouchy, it paired perfectly with denim, and looked universally good on men and women.

Why are we waxing nostalgic for our college wares? Because the ‘90s are back, baby!  A Spice Girls reunion is happening. Millennials are wearing brown lipstickHailey Baldwin just got “The Rachel.”  And no ’90s craze would be complete without the quintessential Rollneck!

We appreciate that J. Crew has worked to elevate their look in recent seasons, focusing on Collection pieces, bold color palettes, and Fashion Weeks.  We agree that the new J.Crew is really cool, but think generations of loyal shoppers would appreciate a return to the classics.  THE classic.  THE sweater.

The brand’s design geniuses could re-introduce it with a modern twist – maybe in sumptuous overdyed yarns, Rollnecks in “Icelandic Blue,” or “Heather Pink Sapphire” – paired with their über-popular statement earrings.  Point Sur denim and #shinyponies. We. Can’t. Wait. We just want our Rollnecks!

Therefore, friends, today we launch a campaign asking J.Crew to bring back our favorite sweater of all time. Join us in contacting the company over social media using the hashtag, #returntherollneck.

Still have one? Tweet a photo!     14590319_10154187570643049_173950492617366816_n

Wish you had one?  Join with us, #returntherollneck!  🙂

-k & j

It’s election season, so don’t forget to vote! Should the Rollneck make a comeback?